Hi cilika, I'm in England,

Apologies FT, I did not think what I posted was an advertisement. I may well be wrong but I understood that it was OK to name places selling products that FT doesn't sell. I think c411um probably asked the question because these products are not available from your good selves. (I realise that FT sells very small amounts of VG and PG but that wasn't the question). I was just trying to be helpful.

My answer was the same as the second and fifth part of essellar's above and the fifth named are in Cumbria in England, so postage for me on 2 litres was £3. I bought my nic (from the second named above) just after the law on that changed here, so I was quite surprized that having opened it, they didn't confiscate it, at 200mg it was well over new laws on strength but they just slapped me with a small tax bill! I'm glad that didn't happen to you Moto Blue.