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Wismec, Joyetech, Eleaf
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#1 (permalink)      3/20/2019 10:18:29 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Wismec, Joyetech, Eleaf
Did you ever wonder why these three are always on sale? You can wait for months for the vape item you're wanting to go on sale and it never happens. These three are on sale a lot. Well Eleaf, Wismec and Joyetech are all made by the same company and they all use the same few chip boards. They're like General Motors where they had the Chevy, Pontiac, and Saturn versions of the Cobalt, all the same car with a few cosmetic differences. Also like GM they're all inferior products, mass produced with shoddy quality control to maximize profit. While others are adhering to MAP pricing this company is not. They just dump as much shit on the market as they can and take whatever they can get for it. It's costing them near nothing to produce.
I personally have had no luck with anything I've ever bought from these guys. If it has any technology beyond a simple RTA, stay away from these guys and avoid disappointment.

Comments above are solely my opinion. Take it or leave it. Responses are welcome.

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I agree in part. Joyetech tend to be good to above average, but Wismec is junk everything done on the cheap and eleaf is only slightly better. As for the prices, Joyetech are overpriced, Wismec is faulty cheap junk and eleaf have made some good devices at cheap prices in the past but are trying to raise the price of products as of late.
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If I buy a water cooker, I can buy an expensive one that'll last me a decade, or a cheap one that'll last me a year at least, and with a bit of luck it'll last a decade as well. But if it breaks down after a year, there's not much money lost.

It's the same choice with vape gear. The difference is: water cookers have been around for so long, there's no technological advances to be expected. In vape gear however, there have been so many improvements over the last years, that it's kinda wise to buy cheaper stuff until something better comes along.

I've had good luck and bad luck with all cheap vape brands,I don't think one's better or worse than the other. Innokin always feels like a safe bet, but I've had plenty of good joyetech, Eleaf and wismec products.
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I've been let down by Wismec mods at least 4 times, and so have stopped buying that brand.
I've had good results with eleaf, although granted only pico's in the past, and the lexicon currently.

Sometimes a bargain price is worth the gamble. Especially if you like playing with new things, as I do.
I recently bought the Rinco Manto S for something like $20. It was fun for a few days, before auto-firing, sticky buttons, etc. I knew what I was getting into. might have been great, might have been crap. :)
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I only own 2 Wismec products. The El Grande mech which is a very well made Le Petite Gros clone that has an additional tube for 18650 mode and an insulator on the switch (all the rage back then). It's one of my best mechs though I'm guessing Wismec farmed it out to a machine shop.

The other is a single 18650 Sinuous that I've been using for about a week. It's really light. I'm liking it better than the light weight Tesla Wye 85w because it's substantially smaller in your hand. I like it enough that I'll be using it fairly often so we'll see how long it survives.

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i like eleaf (Hand Strength and Weight Lifting in case your interested)
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Eleaf fuckin rule!
#8 (permalink)      3/21/2019 12:59:25 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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The eLeaf and Wismec mods I have work fine for me.

For a laugh for some who remember - I still have my HANA 30 watt and 2 Clouper 'Mini's' that are 5 years and 4 years old respectively. They never caught on fire or let me down HAHA. The HANA was been put up fully functioning a few years ago but one 'Mini' remains in daily use. I must admit, I used Mechs allot ( still do roll LePetit 350 stealth with modded KFL Slammed ) so boxes were not my only devices.

1) I don't drop my chit
2) I wind A-1 Kanthol only VW
3) I never pushed the early chips ( vape at around 1 ohm 18mil nic )

#9 (permalink)      3/21/2019 5:21:50 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I can't say I had problems with my Joyetech VTC/Vtwo mini or my Eleaf pico22/25 mods.
As for wismec, I only have vicino tubes.

Although their latest mods seem to overpriced what they are and with some weird design choices.
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Still got my first Wismec 250W 3 battery mod and it just won't quit. Must be about 4 years now (same for a Cloupor Mini 30W).

I find that patience will get you most anything at a reasonable price. Always wanted a fast-firing Voopoo (though I didn't care for the "DRAG" on the back of the Drag. Just got their 180W TOO for all of $26 bucks. Seems to work well and I do like the looks (on BOTH sides).

Paid $42 bucks for a Joytech Primo II (SKU: 7237403) about 2 years ago and I'm still pleased with it but about 8 months after I bought it I copped another for all of $16.50 (think it might have been a mistake as they were offering the 80W model for $22.50)?

Have had 3 Picos (one's a squeeze) for quite a while with no problems. Tempted to pick up the new 100W 20700/21700 as they're starting to be reasonably discounted.

If you've just got to be the first with "The Next Big Thing", well & good but it's gonna cost you!

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I have had worse luck with SMOK products then wismec of elief products, I don't think I own any joytech stuff.

I am pretty easy on my stuff though so take it with a grain of salt, your experience might vary greatly.