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Kudos for reviews, not just discussions... is it a good idea?
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#41 (permalink)      1/31/2019 6:56:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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mickd wrote:

Gigirat67 wrote:
The motion has 124 votes right now, I wonder how many votes are needed to get FT's attention..

I would be astonished if they even know about the motion.

Shouldn’t we still give it a try? I would love tu see how this unfolds...

#42 (permalink)      1/31/2019 7:08:12 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I'm more of a pessimist when it comes to FastTechs concern regarding their forum:(

I would love tu see how this unfolds...

My guess...

Hell, I'm normally optimistic.

#43 (permalink)      1/31/2019 8:11:00 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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patrico1112 wrote:

Until they stop censoring reviews they and likes or kudos for them are meaningless. Unless you are *clever* bad reviews get rejected most of time. Some people here dislike reviews because they hate the person that posted it whether it was a good review or not. Reviews here are a joke and just way to get rebate points. The whole system needs and overhaul.

Never had a shitty review rejected by FT yet. Tip: If you want to vent your displeasure and give a negative review never include words like shit or garbage etc in your heading. Not knocking FT, most of my purchases have been good.