I love how he keeps emphasizing how "dirty" a machine shop is, as if they're preparing food or performing surgery. God forbid that a machine shop has metal shavings on the floor. Then he attempts to lay on the guilt about consumer demand being the cause of the horrible slave conditions the workers are forced to endure, as if he never used a product from China in his life. Oh my god, there are rags!!!! The horror!!!!!

Judging by all the gaudy jewelery he wears I would guess that he's never worked a manual labour job in his life and has no idea what constitutes harsh working conditions. I hope he never visits a coal mine or a steel mill in a 1st world country or else he might realize that there are much more dangerous working conditions that exist, and they're not even vaping related or based in China.

This guy is one of the most long-winded blowhards I have ever seen. He needs to get off his soapbox and join the rest of us in the real world.