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Coil for Kraken
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Coil for Kraken
Nvm... was gonna mess with this on my VTR, but no beauty ring big enough. Now I need to find a 19mm RBA or similar to learn on.
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I'm gonna grab a Kraken and start learning the fancy rebuilding stuff. But I want to order a couple pre-made coils if possible to use while I'm learning. Are any of the ones here suitable for the Kraken?

Spew your knowledge at me please.

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One thing I'd take into consideration if you're going to be buying premade coils here and are planning to use them with SS mesh, is the diameter of the wick hole. The wick hole's diameter determines the size of the wick, and the size of the wick determines the diameter of the coil you'll be using. Also, the coil needs to be fairly snug on the wick for proper contact and possibly eliminate hot spots. The diameter of the premade coils here might make it abit more challenging since most wick holes slightly vary in size. Then again, you can always pull on the ends of the premade coils to tighten it up on the SS mesh wick.

I'd rather get the premade uncoiled NR-R-NR wires here, that way you atleast know what the resistance of your atomizer will be.