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Vamo 9.9 ohm error fix
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#1 (permalink)      11/25/2013 4:54:13 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Vamo 9.9 ohm error fix
Had to repair my month old vamo v3 the other day, I've been using a spring loaded vivi nova on it and have been screwing it down too tight as I am heavy handed. I found this fix and repaired my Vamo and it's now working great, a lot of atomisers that used to struggle for air as the air holes are lower in the threads now work perfectly. Here are the instructions I followed.

The problem is from over-tightening and pushing the center pin down too far. There is a small white gasket that needs to be under the center connection, this pushes up the center pin to make the connections. If the gasket is missing or the center connection is pushed into the gasket you will get issues with firing and ohm reading.

Here's what I did to resolve it and actually improve it.

Remove the original washer (with tweezers.)
Push up the center pin with a tiny screwdriver (or toothpick.) Work around the edges so its more or less up.
Go to Home Depot (Lowes should have them too, OSH did not) and buy new #60 size washers (Plumbing section.) They are almost twice as thick and black. It was $2.47 for a pack of 10 or something.
Cut the new washer in one spot with scissors
With the tiny screwdriver / toothpick (this will probably be really difficult with a toothpick as it requires quite a bit of pressure) push the new washer down (hard) diagonally away from the center pin. You should feel and hear a light pop. I believe this is the washer either getting under the center pin or the threading on the inner wall.
Continue to do this "threading" around the center pin in by pushing down on the washer diagonally in small increments from one side of the cut in the washer, to the other. The last 25% will be the most annoying as it gets harder. You want to get the washer under the center pin so act accordingly.
Toward the end the center pin will be roughly 50% over the washer, and 50% under. Just keep threading around toward the other end of the cut you made. Finally when you feel the washer won't go under the center pin any further with this method, attempt to get your tiny screwdriver under the center pin on the side thats still under the washer and pop it over the remaining washer.

I'm in the UK and I'm a heating engineer so I have a van full of different size o rings and managed to find one the right size and fitted it without cutting it in half, although it is better to have a uncut o ring installed, as long as you clean your centre pin often and don't allow liquid to build up in there then you shouldn't have a problem.

Hopefully this fix will help someone out
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Don't own a vamo but kudos to you for taking the time to post this up.
#3 (permalink)      12/6/2013 12:56:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Do you think this will work if i only replace the washer with an o-ring?
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DazJaz my V2 thanks you as do I.
Some of my ViVi Novas' center posts do not jut out past the threads as far as some of the others do.
So I put the older tanks on my newer V3 and V5, the V2 gets the newer tanks.
After reading your post I used a hawk bill paring knife to lift the center pin taking some pressure off the washer.
Bingo! Doesn't matter which tank I use now.

As a heavy handed V user myself, I noticed how soft the threads are.
So when I got the V5 I opted for the stainless version.
Looking at the valley of the threads, I saw what I hope is the galling that stainless does when machined.
Might just be dull or dirty tooling.
Do you know if that part is stainless?
#5 (permalink)      12/6/2013 2:51:11 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Washers are flat and are full thickness from outside edge to to center edge.
O-rings are circular (cutaway view) so the thickness drops off on the outside and inside edges.
You would need one slightly thicker than the #60 washer.