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Whats inside my ego style battery
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Whats inside my ego style battery
Have you ever wondered whats inside my your ego battery and then when it eventually dies been tempted to open it up, many have and generally you will find something like this:

consisting of the head with circuit board, the actual battery (type shown is usual), and potentiometer at the bottom (twist,winder,spinner only) circled in red.

now the battery itself is of interest as they are marked up and that marking can tell you about the battery from mah to size and `c` rating (discharge limit).

below are some battries with marking visible and corrisponding battery chart from yida (they know batteries) to find out about each, you will find from time to time that a battery as in the first and second one down hide the code with extra charactors so for the first one 130450r and the second one P134500

some times when you look inside you will find a can battery this has both + and - connection on one end of the battery most that i have seen are grey or blue from huahui new energy below are images and specs for these.


I know the can batteries also come in different mah as well as what is in the charts above but after extensive searching this is all i am able to find if i do discover more i will add it here.

I have seen batteries with no infomation printed on them at all (ebay)and that is as you realy have no idea what you have got.

Hopefully some will find this information helpful

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I don't know A72, I'm pretty sure it's fairy dust & Leprechaun spit inside your ego style battery, well that's what the FT staff told me anyway....LOL

All kiddin aside, interesting stuff, I use MOD's now, but still good to know..In fact, I think I'll open up my old ego later...but if I get faiy dust on the carpet the wife gonna raise cain...LOL Thanks!

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"A little 'Critical Thinking' goes a long way".
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Very insightful post, OP. From the charts is it safe to say the quality of battery from highest to lowest is NSC Series > HMC Series > Yida? Do you see any correlation from FT clones using lower quality batteries and brand name Ego's using higher quality?