I'd avoid the hitman and the subzero clones..
Not all of them have been shit, but a large enough amount to make it a risk.

It's hard to go wrong with things like the VCM (the VCM 2 however has some very bad clones out), X1, rogue, and most SCNDRL's have been very useable if not PRFCT.. For example, a lot of the SS ones have nasty tolerances and suffer with hot buttons, but most ally, copper and brass ones seem fine.
Not bought a rig, so can't say about those.

Latest thing to grab my attention is the Mad Dog Mods 'competition' thingy. Looks interesting and I'm willing to risk it not being perfect as it should be easy to sort out.

You don't mention it but I've yet to get a bad Able clone because it's just so hard to screw it up with all the adjustment built into the design. The 'Wingman' ones do have some terrible reviews so I'd avoid those.