You take the risk with clones even clones made by the same manufacturer differ slightly a lot of the time, people will tell you so and so make the best clones and you buy one and it's a load of shite, then you buy the cheapest of the cheap and it's really good so you just have to read the reviews maybe do some research on the authentic, pay your money and keep your fingers crossed it's a good one. Most mechs are basically a metal tube with a switch they're all pretty similar, buy one you like the design of that gets good reviews and you should be good.

I might add a lot of them you have to fuck about with them to get them to work efficiently, like for example if you wanna use 24 attys like the Kennedy or Goon and you get a Scndrl or a Rig v2 you may have to do some shenanigans to get them to fit on there. Or some come with janky dirty threads that need a good cleaning, minor annoyances like crappy springs or weak magnets/too strong magnets. Most need a service before you even start to use them. I have a copper Shenray Limitless and that is a really good one that was pretty much good to go straight away, don't expect many of them to be that good quality cos they're not.