First, look at your instructions, it will tell you exactly what charger is needed, I did a quick search and found the LG G PAD 8.1 needs a 5V / 2000mA (2A)

Once you have established you need a 2A charger, see if you can buy one on FastTech, perhaps a little higher.. 2.1A 2.4A? but its very important that you pick an intelligent battery charger, NOT a power supply.

Intelligent chargers have a lot of protection, they also check what your device needs.


Now, try and find a Brand name, for Example look for a Samsung 2.0 or 2.1 intelligent battery charger, they are good makes, the latest Samsung is much taller than the older model

DO not visit a local shop that has no knowledge on good quality chargers, and will sell you anything around 2.0Amp and tell you how good it is !

Stick with FastTech, they sell good quality chargers, good prices, and reliable !

SKU 3415600 is an example of the 2A 5V (UK plug) pick your own countries plug. This is a 2.1 intelligent charger

SKU 3415400 This is the latest taller version, these are mostly clones, but are just as good as the Original Samsung (Made anywhere these days)

I also found this
The slim LG G Pad 8.3 comes in an equally compact box featuring the standard accessories. The charger has an output of 1.8A which makes all the right difference compared to the 1A run-of-the-mill chargers and keeps the charging times of the large battery reasonable.

And so the Samsung 2.0A would be fine, run cool !

BTW, I use SKU 3415400 on my Samsung Galaxy TAB 4 for the last 15 months :) LG chargers would be the same.