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Tablet From China
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Hello, I am looking for tablet information but can only find this single thread when clicking 'tablets', could anyone direct me to the best place. Many thanks.

Whoops, I have now found the right place thanks to Miki here at FastTech. Please ignore my post.

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menos wrote:

JJJSpiderHunter wrote:
SKU 4140702Looks good. Anyone have experience buy tablets or phones from china? Good Quality? Good Idea? Thanks

I have bought three tablets from China the previous 2 years:
- Onda v975m
- Teclast x98 air II
- Teclast x98 Plus (Windows).

Renown brands are too expensive for me. Would never buy a 500-600euro tablet, I don't think these products are worth that much.

Since I own the tablet you just ordered (purchased in early January 2016) my feedback is this

- SCREEN: Excellent, it is actually the Ipad Air's LG IGZO display. Will make you look down on anything non-Retina class.
- BUILD: Good quality workmanship, with aluminum back, which keeps it cool during use.
- WIFI: Very good reception, no interruptions during use, only 2.4Ghz frequency though.
- BLUETOOTH: in this model reception is excellent; when I do chores in the house, I tune in to my Youtube playlist, I wear my BT headset and move around the house: 2 walls apart at the other end of my apartment I still get excellent audio.
- eMMC drive: For this model there haven't been any incidents of unknown/bad brands used. Teclast has done a great job here and selections vary between: Toshiba (the best/fastest), Samsung and Hynix.
- BATTERY: This is actually one of the best performing tablets regarding autonomy in the 9.7" division. You are looking at full 9 hours of browsing etc.

- SOUND: quite tiny actually, it must be at 60-70% of the volume my other Chinese tablets had.
- OS: Windows 10 I feel is step back on Tablets compared to Win8.1
All the "extras" that Win10 has will drain your battery at idle at a much faster rate. My Teclast x98 Air II with Win8.1 would drain about 12-14% in 24hours...while the Teclast x98 Plus with Win10 drains the same amount in 12 hours (both with WIFI on).
Also more moves/gestures are required to do what you want to do.

Teclast tablets are some of the most popular, so you will easily find accessories compatible with it as well as a large community should you need help.
YOU WILL NEED A SCREEN PROTECTOR, since its glass is not scratch-resistant and it does not include a pre-applied screen protector.

I like the e-ink screens, but e-readers are ridiculously expensive to my mind, considering what they are offering...
- Install f.lux to limit blue light
- Get yourself a matte screen protector
and enjoy your multi-purpose tablet.

It plays games like Asphalt 8 Airborn without difficulty, and is still a great pdf reader (would recommend Xodo PDF Reader / Annotator from Microsoft Store (free) )

Realy thanks for the detailed post !!! ;)

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