Dear valued forum members,

There have been a few recent threads in the forums reporting account hijack. We would like to make clear clarify that FastTech servers are secure. The most probable cause of the forum reports is authentication cookie hijack, which can happen virtually anywhere and to anyone if a targeted malicious link is clicked on.

Customer's security is our highest priority. Because of these few reports in the forums, FastTech has implemented ways to enhance account security for all customers:

1. Your account password is now required when you apply a gift certificate to an order.

2. After changing account password in the account profile page, all of your previous logins (devices and browsers) are automatically logged out. You will need to type in your new password on those devices to login again.

Together, these changes greatly improve the security of your account, even in the rare event of cookie hijack. Both changes are now live in both FastTech and FastTech mobile.

Find me when you have questions.