To celebrate the coming year of the monkey and to appreciate for the time customers have to wait for shipping while we are on holiday, FastTech is going to launch a site-wide promotion and clearance sale which the discount will be up to 40%!!!!

Clearance sale!! Up to 40% off!! Feb 4-7 (US Central time)

Hot products you will like:

1. Vamo V2 Variable Voltage Rechargeable E-Cigarette Starter Kit

2. EGO-CE4 6-in-1 Skull Style Rechargeable 900mAh Electronic Cigarettes Set


FastTech site-wide promotion!! Up to 20% off!! Code: KUNGHEI

Feb 5-7 : 20% sitewide discount (US Central time)

Feb 8-14: 15% sitewide discount (US Central time)

Hot products:

1.Authentic Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 5.5" IPS Octa-Core MIUI 7 LTE Smartphone (16GB)

2. Takee 1 5.5" Octa-Core Android 4.2 Jellybean 3G Smartphone (32GB)

3.On The Road B311 LED Flashlight Gift Set

4.Authentic Kanger SUBOX Mini Black Starter Kit

Updated on 2/3

Clearance sale will start tomorrow and we decide to launch more offer and discount to all of you. Selected products will be marked in 50% off and released on each day between 2/4 to 2/14. Get surprised everyday!!!

Feb 4

1. X6 4-in-1 Rechargeable 1300mAh Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarettes Set
2. X6 4-in-1 Rechargeable 1300mAh Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarettes Set (Purple)

Special notice:

1. Since FastTech will be closed during 2/4 to 2/14 and our supplier will resume working no later than 2/23, it will cause a little delay on processing time.
2. Estimated shipping dates: 2/23 or afterward
3. Here is the link about FastTech holiday schedule : Holiday
4. Meanwhile customer service will be off between 2/4 to 2/14. We will be reachable after 2/15 and reply all the questions as soon as possible.
5. This offer is not stackable with other offers and discounts.