Dear valued customers,

We have received official announcement from Malaysia post via email that they will suspend to ship external battery packages via surface mail or airmail. Below is the statement:

We have been updated by the Management of Pos Malaysia that the handling of DG cargo via sea-freight cannot go on indefinitely in the manner as it is done currently. Currently, the mail item containing external batteries not in equipment and those containing lithium batteries are classified as DG cargo which cannot travel via airfreight. Rightfully, to move DG cargo via the airfreight or sea-freight must be done in compliance with the DG packaging requirements as well. Pos Malaysia have been organizing sea-freight of such items in the past weeks with the hope that this matter will not raise a concern in the industry.

However, forwarders and shipping agents handling such cargo has informed Pos Malaysia that with effect from 14 Jul 2014, they will not be able to accept items without the necessary DG packaging of individual items via sea-freight. The cost of processing such goods according to compliance standards is too expensive for Pos Malaysia to offer it to us as a viable option to its customers. Pos Malaysia has therefore requested us to send an urgent and immediate request to all our customers as below:

Effective this Friday, the last shipment will be arrange on Saturday, please advise your customers to stop sending items with external batteries lithium or otherwise including power banks and external handphone batteries, external laptop batteries and other DG cargo. Only items with batteries inside the equipment will be acceptable e.g. tablets, handphone with batteries installed inside and no additional battery enclosed externally, toys with internal batteries, watches or any other electronic gadgets with batteries in the equipment will be acceptable. Pos Malaysia will be enforcing this requirement strictly effective from the 14 Jul 2014. There will be no more seafreight service after 14 Jul 2014.

As said above, we have disabled Malaysia post shipping for external battery items in checkout.
Please be assured this has no affect on previously shipped packages.

If you have pending orders selected Malaysia post as shipping service, we will contact you to change to other available shipping methods.

Thank you.

FastTech Team