10 September 2013
Delay In Outbound Air Mail Services

To safeguard aviation security, Hongkong Post does not accept the sending of air mail items (including Speedpost) that contain dangerous articles such as perfumery products, lighters and lithium batteries. Hence, all mail items entering the Air Mail Centre are subject to x-ray screening. Recently, there is an increasing number of air mail items detected to contain suspected dangerous articles, in particular, lithium batteries, which lengthens the screening process. In this connection, air mail registration service, iMail service and Bulk Air Mail service may be subject to delay. Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

Source: http://www.hongkongpost.hk/eng/publications/notices/2013/20130910a/index.htm

The postal union has launched a wave of scrutiny yesterday which covers all major postal airmail shippers in Asia.

FastTech confirms that all battery/e-liquid airmail packages are being affected at this time. This includes HKP/USPS, and Singapore Post.

Here is what's happening:

1. Packages with primarily e-liquid and/or lithium batteries in them are now more likely to get caught and get returned to us. We'll refund in those cases.

UPDATE (9/22): We confirmed only lithium batteries are being classified into contraband goods. If the package didn't contain any lithium batteries, it still can be shipped. But please aware that it might still has the delay problem as Hong Kong Post still scanning the packages one by one.

2. Packages *not* containing e-liquids/lithium batteries will ship normally via SG post at regular speed. However those shipped via HK post will get delayed by 5 to 7 days (as we're told) as they queue up for the new mandatory x-ray scans.

If you have previously requested us to put you on Hong Kong Post only list, you may want to consider getting off that list to avoid the added wait time at Hong Kong Post.

Again, until this loosens, there is a higher chance for packages consisting of only e-liquid and/or lithium batteries to be returned to us by shipping carriers. When they are returned, we will fully refund customers and cancel their affected orders.

We'll monitor and update as this situation develops.

We apologize for this and thank you for your understanding.