This only applies to Singapore Post packages

The following Singapore Post tracking status is a bug. Please don't worry

INFORMATION RECEIVED (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)

As soon as your packages are marked as shipped by FastTech, your packages are physically with Singapore Post and are actually on their way to you.

Singapore Post's tracking site is very poorly designed. When packages are physically received by them, the above message is displayed, i.e. "Information Received (this is not an ack...)". On the other hand when physical packages are not physically received by them, they simply show nothing at all. You don't have to take my words, you can call or write them to ask about this:

This is Singapore Post's merchants' division which FastTech delivers package to, note the Singapore Post endorsement at the bottom of their site.

If you visit their merchant's website as linked above:
and plug in your RQ##...##SG tracking number there, you'll see that the package has been physically accepted by Singapore Post.

We've tried getting them to fix this bug. While we suppose the fix is trivial, being half owned by the government Singapore Post bureaucrats got in the way and there has been no visible progress on their part for the past months. From what we are told (by Quantium), no fix or improvement in this area is planned either.

Please go ahead and give the link above a try and you'll find real tracking information. We apologize for this confusion created by Singapore Post's tracking system.