It's approaching the end of day here, so I would like to give an update on what was learned about this today.

@wes_westhaver and hazozita, your orders got shipped on the same day by the same carrier (US ePacket). It appears that a lot of the orders shipped on that day through that carrier got stuck at LA customs, so this is not just you.

In addition, that carrier aggregates packages from many vendors. All vendors' packages within that batch are suffering from the same customs delay.

We are still waiting for the carrier to look into the reason, and when we can expect them to move again. I will provide another update in about 12 hours.

EDIT: out of the orders FastTech shipped through US ePacket on Feb 24th, about 60 orders are currently spending a longer than usual amount of time at the LA customs. We are contacting all affected customers this morning to inform them of the situation.