Packages stuck in Los Angeles?
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Packages stuck in Los Angeles?
Hello, I ordered four separate items on February 23rd 2020 and I received one of the packages March 11th. That package came via New York and arrived relatively quickly. but the remaining three items have not arrived yet. It appears that they are still sitting in Los Angeles:

[b][i]Origin - Sync Time: 2022-03-20 14:04:14 (GMT-04:00)

2022-03-03 09:07

Los Angeles USA, 到达UNITED STATES Los Angeles USA Los Angeles USA
2022-03-02 23:45

international airport, 离开UNITED STATES international airport international airport
2022-02-28 17:00

international airport, 到达UNITED STATES international airport international airport
2022-02-26 17:15

Shenzhen Airport Station, Leaving China Shenzhen Airport Station Shenzhen Airport Station
2022-02-25 18:35

Dongguan City, Arriving at 【Dongguan Express Processing Center】
2022-02-25 18:35

Dongguan City, mail leaving the commercial processing center
2022-02-25 18:34

Dongguan City, Leave 【Dongguan International Business Department】,Next Stop【Guangzhou Commercial Center】
2022-02-25 18:31

In Dongguan City, mail arrives at the Commercial Processing Center
2022-02-25 18:18

Dongguan City, [Dongguan International Sales Department] has been received and sent, the pitcher: He Wu, Tel: 18825547899

Is it normal for items passing through Los Angeles to be delayed so long?

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Resolved: as of today, all packages (except for one) are moving normally inside USPS' network.

The one package that is in the USPS system (but not moving) belong to a customer who is not in this thread. We have contacted them directly via email and we're following up.

This is the final update on this matter. Thank you everyone for your patience.

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