I perfectly understand where they are, I'm not asking them to move physically

I'm asking for a change in mindset by the owners with regard to shipping

and asking for decent customer service with regards to shipping, not continuous excuses

I'm also very aware I'm talking about my personal experience here with shipping

Competiors have better service, FT has failed to take that onboard, despite being given notice

and not just by me, there are numerous complaints and threads about it from others here

That's why,I buy elsewhere, because I get it in a "Reasonable timeframe" fully tracked

and updated regularly, without the constant "issues" FT seems to encounter,

I'm trying to make them aware things have changed, to their disadvantage

if they choose to give it a deaf ear then they lose my business alone.

I've spent well over £300+ elsewhere this year, that's peanuts to their profit margin

I would like to see change here, for the better of ALL customers, not just me

because I'm not the only one complaining about their shipping,

I'm just doing it louder than others and regularly, the issue needs sorting out,

the hole is deep enough as it is, an extended ladder will be required shortly to get them out it

I want to continue buying from here, but that's for FT to decide

I'm trying hard to get better service, I'm unsure the owners are doing the same.