Wow, just wow. I would be very happy to resume ordering from FT. But until the echo in the responses FT has to delayed fulfillment subsides into something believable, I will not. I/we have been reading the same responses for years, both publicly in the Forum and in the ticket process. It is so common as to be perceived as "cut and paste". I don't know why geek cannot wrap these issues up nor, why he sounds like he is towing the company line now. It is as if his job is to further buffer the excuse taking so that the customer base continues to be led down the "we're working on" it road. At any rate, though I continue to support FT and their "will" to change into a company that can compete, until they get a track record for succeeding instead of just a broken record of excuses I'll put my orders in where I know I won't have to jump through the patience hoop.