SambaBugatti wrote:

Hi Geek, I don`t want to attack You or Annie, I know You do Your best, but:
We are hearing for Months now that You are working on Improvements. Reality: Ordered on 4th of January, since 9th of January no update in Tracking, no Idea when I will get my Order. Next Order: 3rd of February, took FT up to the 16th to get one of the most sold Coils ( VandyVape MTL ), shipped on 16th, today, 21st of February,: No Tracking Information, Item cannot be found in the System. I wrote it around a Week ago and I repeat it again: No Fun anymore ordering at FT.

Hi, SambaBugatti,

Sincerely apologize for the trouble caused.

The package which was shipped in January is under investigation now. We keep urging the post office to update the tracking and ask them to give us a final waiting time frame. So, if they have no investigation results, we can resend or refund to you per your choice. We will send updated news to you this week when we have the confirmation.

About the VandyVape MTL order, which is delayed in shipping due to the COVID-19 regional control in China. Our shipping agent's warehouse is located in the control area, part of the packages have been affected and can not be shipped out timely. That's why you can't track any information about your package on the tracking website these days, but the tracking information of your order will be updated today or tomorrow.

We will continually monitor your packages and keep you updated.

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we are experiencing these challenging times.