Anniepan wrote:

Hello macranife,

Sorry for the wait. The post office said the package is on the way to your country now. The tracking information should be updated this week. We have asked our post office to give us the latest tracking information, when we have the news, we will send for you in ticket. Recently the ePacket shipping may need 15-35 working days for delivery, hope you can wait patiently for days, the package should be delivered soon.

We also forwarded your feedback to our logistics department, and asked them to find more faster shipping method. Thank you.

Hi Anniepan, thanks for the update, I appreciate it, I shall wait as requested and hope I may see it sooner rather than later.

I think the biggest difference is this
back in 2014 I was prepared to wait 6-8 weeks for things to arrive, because that's how it was
however since then we've had e packet etc and far quicker and more acceptable delivery times
seems tae me that FT is goin backwards tae 2014 with the current debacle, (covid aside)
at no point has anything been sent out from here the day after ordering, even if it's in stock
The last item I ordered elsewhere actually arrived here in Uk, in 5 days
ordered on Monday, flew out on Tuesday, arrived on my doorstep Friday, for $2.20 standard shipping
I have to also point out that, it's the quickest vape delivery av ever received from overseas ;)
but still proves the point that it can be done, if you want to keep customers happy, and returning
business is business, this one is falling by the wayside imo