Walker65 wrote:

For info, the UK introduced this early back in January when we left the EU, because we could and so far Fasttech have not charged me anything however other sites, notably the 40 Thieves, bang it on at checkout. So, it seems it is not compulsory and FT so far don't seem to have brought it in.

Thing is here things a bit different. ft won't charge anything, only if they ship from eu wearhouse that if I know correcty don't have. The post office will stop the packages and they will carge the additional fees. If I understand it correcly the customer should give them the receipt and payment confirmation then pay the VAT or they won't ship the package... Something like this... But as I said i will be a bit smarter after 1st of July when some of my packages arrives... There is still things I don't understand how this system will work.