vapeluvr wrote:

In the USA we have some state's that have vapor taxes that are through the roof. Depending on what you are buying, these taxes can increase total purchases prices by 50-150%.

Wtf... That's just nasty. I hope I won't have aditional problems because some RBA has this "it contains nicotine" when it's actually doesn't. What if I vape falvoured VG? Like I did some years ago when i tought i can get rid of my addiction? I don't get that sticker... Oh yeah problem could be here that Nicotine falls under some medicine regulalations... Since vaping got popular here some years ago they made it impossible to buy high nic base for reasonable price. Because some kinda "medicine law"... So now I think most of us orders nic from Slovakia. Because 10ml juice from thee "tobacco store" costs like one pack of cigarettes.