Any Canadians had packages shipped successfully from here lately and if so, which route did you use?
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#51 (permalink)      11/25/2021 3:39:21 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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clogicca wrote:

had package ship nov 12 .. delivered in Montreal today nov 24 .. 12 days is great 😃 👍

paid only $2.20 for that Canada e-packet 👍

gonna make an order this weekend with the black friday sale but just looked and Canada e-packet would be $11.77 for some reason?

that's pretty expensive @AnniePan .. reason?

I may just take free shipping .. does that include tracking?

Hi, clogicca,

Yes, the free shipping has a tracking number to trace the package. The ePacket fee to Canada has increased too much recently. :( Sorry.

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Is this really the price of shipping now? That can't be right. It never use to cost more then $ is this even calculated. Per item? Or per waight? I almost don't want to shop here anymore if that's how it is

I tried posting a photo didn't work so posted text



Registered Air Mail routed by FastTech

15 to 35 days typical delivery time

Registered Air Mail by Singapore Post

10 to 30 days typical delivery time




DHL Express Global Express

note possible surcharge for remote

delivery areas

Canada ePacket

19 to 24 days typical delivery time




by Shenzhen Post 5 to 25 days typical delivery time


Registered Air Mail

by China Post 15 to 35 days typical delivery time



Registered Air Mail by TNT-PostNL

20 to 25 days typical delivery time

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