Dam I guess Bitspower (Taiwan), Lian li (Taiwan), eBay seller (Beijing), Demicifilter (South Africa), ColdZero (Portugal), EKWB (Slovenia) and Aquacomputer (Germany) didn’t get the pandemic memo. All Places that I have ordered stuff within the last 60 days and had received all their packages quite fast. Only a few days late at most. But no big delays some of you guys are saying people should be expecting when ordering stuff right now.

That's your experience. I have ordered many packages from around the world and from inside the US. Some of them get to me quickly, others do not. Covid is impacting every area, every person, and every business differently. I don't know how they are doing things in China, but in the US each state is handling the lock down differently. Some areas have more that are sick than others, some businesses haven't been affected at all, others are struggling. The same goes for each individual. Some people get the sniffles, others die. FastTech is trying to sort out their shipping problems. I really don't know what else they can do. Anniepan has been in here asking for suggestions, but all see are complaints. If everyone here is so smart why not offer up advice about how you'd handle this situation.