I'm not blaming Fasttech but I understand OP's frustration including others as well. Because they're NOT mad at the late shipment etc, they clearly said that. But because they're just mad that Fasttech is supposedly beating around the bush with their responses or going with delayed replies on tickets. Their frustration is valid and Fasttech always apologised, which they do not seem to accept.

Well, eCommerce businesses are going south and I understand what Fasttech is going through. On Fasttech's defence, I could say that they are not in control of the shipments, i.e. they're using a shipping agency, which is a reason why their responses get late on particular inquiries. Also they couldn't temporarily shut the business down for many reasons so they still need to continue with all possible resources. With limited staff, they're struggling to manage orders and maintain tickets. We should appreciate the fact they're still trying to provide the best service possible from what they can.

We have to understand we're all living in the same planet and COVID19 is really affecting all of us in all sorts of ways, maybe you're lucky that you're unaffected, but see what's going on in other places. At hard times like this we need to grant some license in excuses from them since they're making real effort. I have had issues with Fasttech in the past, but I've also seen genuine gestures and have had great experience with Fasttech and this community.

All we need is patience!