lpejovic wrote:

carrion4worm wrote:
Order shipped may 21???? That's not even two weeks. I just got my order today after 9 weeks. It's a global pandemic shutdown, for chritsakes!!!!

When the mail moves, it's fine. Problem is all the sitting around it does, while waiting for a flight, quarantine,etc....

Can you please read my original post !

I understand the delays due to COVID-19 !!

What makes me furious is FT not having courtesy to replay to my question for 7 days !!!
What's the excuse there ?

9 weeks ??? Where was that shipped from ? Mars ? please...

yh my last order took 6 weeks! The worst thing you can do is keep checking the tracking cause it seems to take longer lol! its not like country to county tracking, this tracking tells you when it left and when it arrives!!! you cant buy stuff from here that much if you think 6 weeks is long thats normal!!!