SambaBugatti wrote:

Hi skineedog, can't say what shipping Times I'm experiencing because no Shipment has arrived in nearly 2 Months.I don't know what is going on because other chinese Shops deliver in 2-3 Weeks, only FT can't deliver. It is funny to read the tracking Information, I have 1 Shipment that is travelling by Bus around the Shenzhen Area for a Month now. Every 10 Days it stops somewhere and takes another Bus. No Joke.

That is not true. I've had 50+ orders from AE over the last few months and only very few have trickled through. Once FT ships it is out of their hands and into the hands of the shipper and right now there are big issues with getting things from point A to point C, and packages do an extreme lot of waiting at airports for room in transports.

I can say that for no apparent reason, I've had the odd one here and there seem to slip through all the hoops and make it relatively quickly and there is no explanation for it except that somehow they did. But this is the experience for buyers and sellers elsewhere (at/from other venues) as well.