It's been said in numerous threads on the same problem recently; shipping is very much a hit-or-miss situation right now.

Inexplicably, a small random number of items do seem to breeze through the system, seemingly unaffected. Indeed, I've had one myself!

For the majority of stuff however, there are a number of choke points in the shipping line at present (vendor getting the item to the carrier, carrier processing, logistics to the next processing centre, processing and storage at the airline departure point, processing at the airline arrival point, backlogs at the RM customs facility, backlogs at your RM sorting office etc).

It's a pain in the bum I know, but until such time as restrictions are eased or lifted at the various shipping and processing points, we've no real alternative but to kick our heels and just keep checking the tracking info every so often. It will ease up, but we just don't know when right now...