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ePacket shipping...
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#1 (permalink)      8/20/2019 2:53:21 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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ePacket shipping...
Hey, has anyone else suffered ePacket shipping recently? Order shipped like 12 days ago now and still says "leaving Shenzhen to LAL", still no reply from FT either...

I ordered a spare part on Hong Kong airmail 7 days after and it arrived withing 6 days of shipping, but it's quoted the slower mail.

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Same for me. Last few HK post have been 6-8 days. EPackets a bit longer, just under 2 weeks. There was a problem a few months ago where ePackets were being returned to FT, but my last few have arrived, but a bit slower than before.
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Hello leeisonfire,

Sorry for the wait.

Sometimes the shipping speed will be delayed if the package is stuck at somewhere. The tracking information is updated now, package has arrived at your processing center. It should be delivered to your address this week. We do hope you will receive the package very soon.

Please feel free to write us whenever you have questions. We're always here to help.