Lost_In_Space wrote:

MetisRebel wrote:
FT would make a great sitcom :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Lucy Liu would have to play someone on the staff.

The show would center around the mayhem at the FT main office, but also cut to forum posts and then dissolve into each of us sitting at our computers, typing, with our thoughts narrated aloud. Split screens would show forum wars and the staff's hilarious reactions.

Just pitched the idea to FOX!

They bought it! But they already muscled me out and put Seth McFarlane in charge.

Seth McFarlane isn't funny enough and Faux sux. Should have pitched it to HBO :)

Lucy Liu would have to be the 15 customer service reps who pick random answers off a list and have no idea what the question was.

Jenny would be the mother of 4 toddlers grasping at her yelling MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY ME ME ME while she types furiously on her laptop trying to sort out the day's problems on the forums.

The guy who plays Glenn in the Walking Dead whizzes around on his ebike picking up all the orders and yelling at manufacturers who keep changing the ETAs

Jackie Chan plays the harassed packager flipping the boxes around trying to smoosh 12 inches of stuff into 6 inches of bubblewrap so it fits in people's post boxes...

The YouTube reaction videos alone would break the internets.