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What are rebate points?

You can exchange for a $10 gift certificate for every 10 rebate points collected.

To use gift certificates, simply enter them during checkout, under payment options. Gift certificates are non-refundable but are otherwise good as cash.

Collecting Points

Rebate points representing 1% of your PayPal payments are automatically award upon each payment.


When PayPal payments are later refunded, rebate points are reduced accordingly.


As PayPal payments can be refunded within 60 days, your rebate points remains "pending" for the first 60 days they are issued. Pending points cannot be transferred or be redeemed for gift certificates.

Rebate points expire annually, on the 10th day of October, though we are not expiring points for the year of 2013.


The minimum value for rebate points issued is 0.01. If your purchase is less than $0.50, rebate point rewarded becomes 0 after rounding.