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We are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with our 7% off sitewide coupon to commemorate this year's Chinese traditional festival. With our gift certificate, you can get a 3% extra amount instantly and getting a total of 10% off for this festival sale from 18th Sep 2021 to 20th Sep 2021 (UTC-6).

Detail about gift certificate and user guide ▶

Mid-Autumn Festival Offer: Site-wide 7% off

Valid Date: 18th Sep 2021 to 20th Sep 2021 (UTC-6)

Coupon Code: MOON21

Special Notices:

* The 7% off sitewide coupon is not to be used in conjunction with any other coupon sale.
* Offer valid: 18th Sep 2021 to 20th Sep 2021 (UTC-6)
* FastTech will not be liable to the consequences of the provision of any incorrect information by the customers or technical issues.
* OVMS products are not included in this coupon promotional offer.