Hello, every old friend and new friends,

FastTech always thank you for your continued support and always welcome your every visit.

To express our gratitude, we are offering an exclusive discount for new friends and old friends. Read the below guidelines for this promotion, simply follow the steps to get your exclusive discount.

When does this promotion valid?

From November 5, 08:00 2020(UTC-6)

Until when does the new user discount valid?

FastTech running this promotion to reward customers out of gratitude. We have the right to terminate this promotion based on our operational needs and will notify at least 5~10 working days in advance, please keep an eye on the notice or ticket.

Am I a new user?

A new FastTech account that registered with a new email address, new shipping address, and new phone No., and never make any order on our site will be considered to be a new user, which works on both sites of https://www.fasttech.com/ and https://m.fasttech.com/.

What is the exact discount for a new user and an old user?

*We offer a 5% off site-wide discount for the first order under $20(shipping cost is not included), 8% off site-wide discount for the first order over $20 (shipping cost is not included).

*If a new user is invited by our old users which have a current existing FastTech account, then the new user will get 5% off for the first order under $20 or 8% off for the first order over $20, and at the same time, the old user will get 5% or 8% off for the next order accordingly.

How do I get the discount?

*New users or old users can get the discount only after the new users making the first order.

*Please simply Create a ticket - click here to tell our customer support team that you’re a new user and the registered FT email of the old user if you’re invited. You’ll get a discount after our CS team verifies your account and order.

*If the order is canceled, both the discount for the new or old users will be canceled as well.

Special notices

* New user discount is not to be used in conjunction with any other discount, coupon code, promotion, or sale.
* FastTech will not be liable to the consequences of the provision of any incorrect information by the customers or technical issues.
* OVMS products are not included in this promotional offer.

Above are the rules for new user promotion, don't hesitate to Create a ticket - click here if you have any problem.

Best regards