Time Limited Promotion - Jan 16-20! Authentic SAHOO 21040 Portable Bicycle Tire Repair Tool Kit! More items!

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Smart Mini GPS + LBS Tracker Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm is a GPS and LBS dual mode positioning. There is 5-10m accuracy for the GPS and 500-1000m accuracy for the LBS. There is a vibration alarm; after vibration of the machine, there is directly have a phone call to your cell phone. It is very useful and easy to carry. The size of the vibration alarm is mini and lightweight, smaller than mahjong.

The Mountain Bicycle Flat Pedals by Kactus is light weight; it is suitable for the long-distance riding. It is made of solid and dependable magnesium alloy for a longer lifespan. Also, there are anti-skid pins. The anti-skid design with magnesium cage. It is better for riding or racing. The hard spindles produce strong grips to your bicycle to help prevent a sudden disconnection.

The Bike Anti-Theft Folding Chain Lock Hamburg Lock by Rockbros made by zinc alloy. There is twisted steel cable protected by hardened steel links. The tough vinyl cable cover protects bike and equipment against scratches. It is high security pick and drill resistant lock cylinder. It comes with three steel keys, spacer fixed lock bracket and hexagon installation tool.

The Authentic SAHOO 21040 Portable Bicycle Tire Repair Tool Kit is useful for long-distance cycling. In the package, there is a mini pump, a 16-in-1 folding tool, a tire repair tool kit, two crowbars, one file and one tool bag. It is very convenient to carry out.