Some customers are having difficulties paying directly with credit cards, even after 3DS has been enabled.

In most instances it's caused by the customers' browsers deleting FastTech's login cookies after they are sent to the 3DS challenge site. This is likely a privacy/anti-tracking browser or browser extension feature.

When this happens, you will see a FastTech login page when you return from 3DS. Your payment will be authorized but you will not be charged for real (FastTech guarantees this). That authorization will be automatically cancelled after a few days.

Alternatively, you may contact us and we will create an order for you, using the existing payment authorization.

To avoid this cookie issue, at the moment we advice customers to use a different browser. There are technical solutions such as eliminating our dependence on browser cookies. These changes are not trivial and will require some time to implement.

I've moved this thread to service help to enable thread replies. If yo have questions, please feel free to post here.