Hi. 3 days ago you said it was passed to the airline so it SHOULD have been shipped to overseas. Today you say it has been shipped to overseas, which one is it? There is no tracking or proof anywhere to say it has left China, until I see proof I do not believe it has. You also say it failed security at first, it failed security 3 times which took longer than 3 weeks, and all along your customer service did absolutely zero to help, all they did was stall, tell me thank you for your patience and understanding and change their story every time they answered. I have it in two tickets today that somebody else is telling me that postal investigations are under way, tracking has not updated in 18 days, so that's your rules. Over 2 months since these orders were made, around the same time I made 4 other orders which arrived weeks ago. But at least your investigation should not take long as the parcels have never left China, unless you are reading some secret tracking that nobody else can see. Thank you