Sanyae wrote:

I know that there is a suspension of normal service due to coronavirus epidemic. I am really curious about when the shipping resumes normal service. Does anybody know anything about any further governmental restrictions or anything related to the delay of service? (it should have continued 10/02/2020, but it's already 21st and no updates were given)

Even the most avid of news followers amongst us, don't know for sure the exact situation on the ground in Chinese cities as of now.

Your post tells me you probably don't know that China neither has a free press nor open access to the internet.

It can be easily deduced that a sizeable number of people in China are probably going through a very, very tough time - ALL businesses have been shut for nearly a month, and majority of supply lines lie crippled due to the govt enforced shutdowns since end of Jan.

So have a heart, feel for the people in China and Wait for FT staff to provide updates as and when they can. There are way more serious things at stake here as of now.