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API or CSV fir Data import into reseller website.
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#1 (permalink)      11/24/2017 8:43:32 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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API or CSV fir Data import into reseller website.
Hi Fasttech support ir anyone else. Is there a API or a csv that I can download or use to import products in to my reseller site? Or is the product import through the merchant acciunt the only way I can do this to create a csv. I would really prefer an API to automatically update my product list and stock control.
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I would recommend to chat online - right now they are online!

*Once resolved - edit your title and write back in here that it's solved!

*Hope this helps you!

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Hi Sanjonline,

You can send the question to your exist ticket, our specific staff will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you.