If you're ordering Hana Mods or V3tronix clones from China..STOP NOW!! US Customs has Infringement Orders in place for certain cloned products and if these products are in your package, they don't just take out the product and ship the rest...THEY WILL DESTROY IT. I was on the phone with both USPS and US Customs this morning...this is legit. Some packages may slip through, but most are being destroyed and this goes for retailers as well. IF you're ordering from HCigar, Tobeco or anywhere else that clones the Flip V3 or the Hana DNA box mod, it's almost a 100% guarantee that your shipment will be destroyed and you will NOT be compensated. Remember, once China fulfills your order, they are not responsible for getting it through Customs. If it's a huge order, you may very well not get refunded.

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