EternalSpline wrote:

"Sadly I think he's a good resource to the forum except for that crap..."

I mean I don't know if it is 100% his behavior, but there are allot of forum members I have not seen much after they had conversations with Karen. Who knows if that is on her or not, I feel like she had something to do with it. Unfortunately they were all good resources of information. I don't feel like she is 100% to blame or anything but I feel like she also costs us resources and forum members. I don't want to get into naming anyone, they surely don't want to deal with Karen again.

Also she has a really superior smug attitude, she's not done it as much since I first called her out, but dealing with an asshole for info, that shouldn't be what this place is about.

Haven't been around to vitnes that, but that's bad for sure.

I wouldn't claim victory just yet. Probably just out
selling favors to score some more meth :)