Hi again V4M.

Had Astra Zeneca on March 14th.
Was supposed to have the 2nd shot a week ago last Sunday but that was put off an extra 6 weeks.
I have read a news report this morning suggesting that batch of AZ might not show up until the end of May.

I am not concerned.
Perhaps if I were a parent I might be but there seems to be enough paranoia in this city ATM. I am perfectly chilled.
No reaction whatsoever to the first shot.
Kevin had a mild headache the next day.

My head is in the sand. I have a friend that runs one of the busiest ICUs in downtown Toronto who always kept me abreast of news but she has been busy the last 3 weeks so no updates.

Rumour has it we might be on track to become as bad as NYC or Italy were on the first wave but I have my doubts.

They are very good at throwing numbers around here which are meaningless without death counts and then those broken down into age groups, health of victims, etc, so I tune it out and carry on about my day.

Know friends of friends who claim said friend has had it. One friend of mine and her family are presently ill with Covid. He owns a successful sandwich restaurant here and I suspect picked it up there but they are generally ok.

Outside of that I live in one of the healthiest areas of the city so havent encountered anyone with it so far, otherwise.

Two weeks ago it was considered dangerous for anyone under 55 to have Astra Zeneca.
Yesterday it was safe for anyone over 40 to receive Astra Zeneca.

I have stopped listening to any of them.