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Ordering to EU after July 1, 2021
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#1 (permalink)      4/11/2021 5:55:41 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Ordering to EU after July 1, 2021
i dont see a relevant forum for this, so here goes in Off Topic.

so this is happening - after July 1, 2021 the EU removes the VAT exemption for orders under 22 euro (depending on the member country), so everything up to 150 euro will be due VAT, and over 150 euro VAT + import taxes - the same as it is now.

in case the seller isnt registered in EU's IOSS registry, the order will be charged with VAT AND import charges/handling fees. if seller is registered, they have to collect VAT on checkout and there will be no import/handling fees.

so my question is, is Fasttech going to or is already registered in that system?
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This has applied to the UK since the 1st January with sites such as 40 Thieves applying 20% at point of sale on everything under £135. However I haven't bought anything from here this year so I don't know if FT are applying it or not. Maybe someone else n the UK could confirm.
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I've had a few things from China since Jan 1st, from here & the other well knowns & touch wood, no problems so far

To answer the question, there's nothing about payment of VAT on here unless it's included the P&P charges
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Has as been mentioned above. what i can confirm is some sites are using a good method, goods arrive in the UK then get a royalmail 48 hr delivery label on them. the site with more sauce. the one with triple f. are 2 that do this plus the fff shipping is always $2.20.