Just in the nic of time!!! POW POW POW.

Messing around with garbage trying to make an adapter for the tippmann 98 to fit the 10 shot magazine tubes from this er2 pistol. While ugly as fuck and can be redone with less damaged results, a certain* cut bottle has a tapered neck that clamps perfectly into the feed elbow. The 10 shot magazine fit perfectly snug and I can swap it out to the original hopper without removing the adapter.

Anyways, middle of testing the swapability(smacking the hopper to see if it falls out of the adapter) my alarm goes off... So I took the hopper off and dropped a hand of balls into the elbow and ran outside. Spun the 12g adapter and cocked the gun, open the door and a raccoon is on the bird feeder and a possum in the middle of the yard sniffing around.... Took sight on the racoon and popped off all shots(I guess the neck\adapter with no mag holds 5 balls, 6 with one in chamber if I cocked it before). 2 shots in the face, I think the first got in his eyes, he fell off the feeder and stood there looking around before he got shot the 2nd time in the face. He ran into the tree a few times before turning around to go under the deck, got 2 body shots and missed the 5th. Meanwhile the possum is still sitting there sniffing out the grass. Lmao