neo71665 wrote:

Paintballs aint gonna do anything but piss an animal off. Sure some might run off but you gonna end up with one crazy one that will turn around and attack once attacked.

As for the oil we use water based lubes. Anything oil based destroys o-rings. Silicone based just makes cleanup harder. In a pinch astro glide works it just doesn't last long.

If a raccoon turned to attack, I'm 50ft-70ft away, plenty time to close the door behind me or grab the pellet gun that's 3ft away, or also run at em and punt em like a football. That would be the most "dangerous" animal to run in our yard lmao. About 3 years ago we had a rabid(I have to assume) squirrel that was in our yard at night, it wouldn't run away and the closer I got it started hissing. He got shot and I found bloody stool in the corner of the tree when I went to bag him up.

So vaseline isn't a good idea either? I see a lot of videos with people using vaseline for their parts.