carrion4worm wrote:

I live in the U.S.
I am Blue Collar/ Welder-Fabricator-Engineer
I am 48 years old, have a wife, a mortgage, 2 cars-no kids(thank god)

It is a testament to the power and influence of my country that many of you, non-residents, bicker over an election for a country in which you do not reside. That's fine, of course, but Americans don't give two shits about other countries elections (for the most part)

Alas, us "brainless" Americans have a difficult choice to make. People in the working class around me were pro-Trump last election...but he has done a poor job of crisis management,continuously fooling the less savvy and basically dividing the country. See, the people that support Trump want something different. I do too...but the fact is, Trump is not going to give it to us, no one can. These people should be looked at as our extension, our voice. Between the bad (2020) and the unknown- this time I think Ill choose the unknown...

Sorry, I'm changing my vote this time, Republican Party. Do Better. some of us work for a living.

Well, I'll be Damned!...5 Stars, between my 2 vocations of Law Enforcement, and Construction I have seen this country go many ways up down sideways. But Trump has divided this country so much that I am afraid it will never come back. So as a Registered Independent I will choose the unknown also.