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gph61 wrote:

At least 5 people in Pence's orbit, including chief of staff Marc Short, are positive for coronavirus

That's why they're losing. The daily stream of terrible covid news of their own making puts their unhinged Christian/Trump death cult ideology into sharp relief. It's like Russia releasing Podesta's emails every day only far worse.

Yep. These dummies don't realize that because of social distancing and masks most people don't even know anyone with covid. When you see the President and all his cronies come down with it, it makes it more real.

Trump probably could have won the election if he didn't get Covid.

Before the Republican Tulsa super spreader event that killed Herman Cain I thought Trump could still win this election. All he needed to do was have MAGA masks handed out at the door and tell his cult members that God told him they should wear them. He didn't because he's pathetically vain and masks smear his beautiful orange hue.