TruckinVapor it is interesting how these posts always slant the way they do. Negativity about masks in any way shape or form, it is always a pro Trump thing. I agree if you have it on alone in your car it is pretty stupid, but I have seen allot of other anti mask things that were also Trump supporting. They basically call all mask wearing stupid in one way or another.

Masks are pretty effective against slowing the spread of this virus, why would a candidate be OK with that type of message being spread around? It does not sound like he cares about the people who want only to suckle at his testicles.

Kind of pointless to stick around for this topic, most of you guys can't even vote here.

Biden is not the best candidate, he is definitely not my ideal president... But for fucks sake the Trump shit needs to end already. It should have ended when he didn't release his taxes like every other American President.