vapeluvr wrote:

Happy Columbus Day, white American race traitors!

Race traitors?! I haven't heard that since Geraldo had a career.

Columbus is a really bad example when it comes to any form of racial superiority. He never would have been able to cross the Atlantic if it weren't for the Arab influence in areas such as cartography, navigation, that whole compass thing and the like.

It's also highly likely that many, if not most of his crew was of some sort of mixed heritage. The North Africans, and people of the Middle East had been trading, settling, and dropping off their genes for close to two thousand years by the time he set sail.
Hell, Portugal a great deal of Spain, Sicily were all under caliphate control at some point in time. In some cases for a couple centuries. That's a whole lotta time for people to swap knowledge, culture, spit and semen.

Considering the subject matter of the song, this makes for an odd choice of meme.